Leaky pictures of the new BMW 8 Series!

One of the most awaiting car of 2018 was photographed on the front and back before the camouflage was installed.

2 Guinness records by BMW – 5 refuelling and 8 hours of continuous drift!

Using the new M5, BMW has set the world record in the longest 8-hour drift. By the way, during the drive the car was refuelled five times, beating another record.

Interesting things from The Grand Tour – Season 2, Episode 5

Here is a list of some interesting facts about the latest fifth episode of the second season of The Grand Tour.

Fixing dents using…. dildo

It's hard to describe this untypical repair of the dents of the red Mini.... It's important that it works.

Old Fiat 126p with 187hp engine from Suzuki Hayabusa! | VIDEO

Some crazy monster based on the old Fiat 126p with engine from Suzuki Hayabusa. It makes 283 hp per tone!

Is there a better gift for holidays than the Koenigsegg Agera R?

Each of us has a list of dream gifts. One person dreamed very much about having Koenigsegg and.... he bought him on holidays.