Renault Talisman Coupé – car with enormous potential

This is the latest render of Talisman Coupé, the car that would be the successor to the Coupé Lagoon. Although the car looks stunning, there is very little chance it will ever be built.

The Laguna Coupé is a unique car offered by Renault. It was available only in the third generation of the model and made its debut in 2008, which is a year after the debut of the sedan and combi versions. Its production lasted until 2015 and was completed together with other variants of the model.

This car has brought a lot of changes and a completely different design. A new front bumper and headlights appeared, while bold, wide lamps and a rounded body appeared at the back to give the impression of a spoiler. All this was enhanced by the frameless door and the 3.6-litre V6 engine with 240 hp power.

Laguna Coupé appeared in our editorial office in 2014 and we wrote then that „this is a car for an individualist looking for an original coupé, who will attract attention for the next several years”. When we look at Talisman’s visualization of such a body, the Laguna loses sight of it immediately, and the model in the pictures seems to be a worthy successor.

Unfortunately, Renault has already announced that it will not be producing a new mid-range coupe. So we can only enjoy the visualization of Talisman Coupe and regret that we will not experience this car on the streets.

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